Coming to ThatConference Game Night? We have exciting news to share

by Angela 4. August 2016 13:42

Hope you have all of your gear charged, packed, and ready to go to ThatConference next week! I’m packing the family truckster up with supplies for blinging out your badge, badge ribbons including some awesome new designs that I was able to find at Name Badge Productions, and a handful of board games.  “What now, just a FEW board games? Are you feeling OK?” you ask…  Well, let’s reminisce a bit.

Remember our very first board game night. Awwww, the library was so petite and manageable, and we had maybe 8 or 9 tables of people playing games.

WP_000528  WP_000519


Over the years, word spread, more and more people contributed their own games to the cause, and by our 5th year our crowdsourced library had grown quite a bit and managing it became a full time job (mostly for my super sweet husband who tracked everything in his homegrown board game checkout system). And you guys loved game night so much that we had to bring in half a dozen EXTRA tables. I loved it. But I knew now that we needed some serious help!

WP_20150810_043 WP_20150810_050


SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ANGELA????  Have no fear, board game night is still on!!  C’mon I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. But this year the Dugans are not bringing their entire board game library. I found an awesome local board game store located in beautiful Appleton Wisconsin called Boardlandia. The awesome folks at Boardlandia generously offered to sponsor board game night by supplying and running the board game library! So now David and I can spend more time playing games and hanging out with all of you, and you get more games to choose from to boot! I hear they’ll also have some great games for purchase if you play anything that you really want to take home. They carry hard to find games, kids games, family games, and they even sell used games!  Please be sure to stop by Game Night on Monday after the first day’s sessions end.  Meet Boardlandia, and have a chance to play some great games with your family, friends, and maybe some fellow campers you haven’t had a chance to meet yet!

We’ll certainly bring a few favorites so feel free to bring a few yourself because EVERY night can be game night at ThatConference. Can’t wait to see you all at the Kalahari in the Wisconsin Dells next week Smile


About Boardlandia

Boardlandia’s mission is to make great games accessible and affordable for everyone. They have thousands of board games to choose from with new titles coming out every month. At Boardlandia, they pride themselves on cultivating a collection that has well-reviewed titles, exciting new games, and a sprinkle of some old favorites. Their store is located in Downtown Appleton, inside the City Center Plaza on the first floor.


Breaking news!!! Boardlandia will deliver web orders that night too, so check out what they have in stock and place your orders today for Monday delivery during the conference. How cool is that?!


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