Help us Make Chicago Code Camp 2016 Awesome by Marking Sessions You Plan to Attend

by Angela 4. April 2016 16:41

Hopefully you’ve already signed up for Chicago Code Camp 2016!  If not, get on over to the site, check it out, and get signed up! Sure, you can register the day of, but we get a LOT of people first thing in the morning and there could be lines. So trust me and don’t wait if you know you are coming anyway. Registering ahead of time also helps us to plan better! CCC 2016 requires a lot of planning for food, logistics, seating, T-shirt orders, and if we know ahead of time how many people are coming, what you are eating, and what sessions you want to go to, well we are far more able to be ready for you!

Once you are registered, head on over to the Session page and start favoriting the things you think you might attend. And we know, it’s hard to pick sometimes, and maybe you want to go to all of them, because we do have some amazing sessions this year!  That’s ok, pick everything that you like and we’ll sort out the rest. You can unmark the items later if you change your mind, or when inevitably two really good talks are happening at the same time and you can’t be at both. We just want to avoid sessions with larger audiences from being in tiny rooms, and more niche topics with a more focused audience getting the auditorium.

And marking an item as a favorite it easy! Look for the star to the left of the title on the General Sessions page, and click the star to highlight (if the star is yellow it’s a favorite!). Click again to unmark.



Same process from the session detail page, but now the star is in the lower right:



All of us volunteers who work hard to make Chicago Code Camp a success appreciate your help with this!  See you on April 30th!!


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